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A Powerful But Simple Way to Manage
Your Company and People

Manage Attendance

  • Sort Employee by Departments
  • Take Employee Attendance
  • Generate Show-cause for absence
  • Generate Attendance Report

Payroll Management

  • Generate Payroll For Employees
  • Define Employee Salary
  • Add Allowances And Deductions
  • Generate/Print Payslips

Handle Leaves And Absenses

  • Submit Application With Descriptions
  • Handle Applications Approve/Reject
  • Leave Application

Manage Human Resources

Now Manage your Human Resource Data & Projects at One Place.


  • Send E-Mails To Any Employee
  • Compose Private E-mail
  • See Previous Convertsation
  • With Employees


  • Create New Expense
  • Auto Generated Expense Id
  • Generate Expense Report


  • Reward Your Employees
  • Award Gift Items
  • Automatic Gift Management
  • Employee Notification

Live Dashboard

Alfa-HRM features a customizable business intelligence dashboard for your business along with detailed reporting of your branches or dealer network. So that you can make the right decisions at the right time, optimizing productivity and sales. Detailed reporting and analytics help you make the best choices to grow your business.

Mobile App

Alfa-HRM is now available on iOS & Android app stores.


Why Online System?


  • Work Everywhere In The World
  • No Big Servers
  • No Networking Cast
  • No I.T Team Cast
  • Unlimited Users
  • Cost Effective


  • Location Based Only
  • Servers Required
  • Huge Networking Cast
  • I.T Team Requird
  • Limited Users
  • Maintenance Cost

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