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Online POS For Your Multiple
Location Stores

Works Everywhere

In this era where devices are becoming smarter by the day and communications has become instantaneous, businesses these days simply can’t run without an enterprise operating solution. Alfa-HMS is a dynamic platform that gives you complete transparency and visibility for your business.

Alfa-HMS enables you to operate your organization from anywhere in the world. Not only that, it also enables you to operate from any smart device i.e. smartphone, tablet or computers. It helps companies to optimize productivity, reduce cost and improve responsiveness. Our online system allows customization while delivering control and precision.

ALFA Hospital Management System

An advanced, powerfull, flexible complete management software for Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic center, Medical institute.

Multipurpose Dashbord

  • 360 Degree Overview
  • Multiuser Visualization
  • Universal Search

Multiuser System

  • Administer Doctors
  • Supervise Nurses
  • Manage Pharmacists
  • Lead Lboratorists
  • Assemble Accountants
  • Oversee Receptionists
  • Serve Patients

Monitor Hospital Performance

  • Allot Beds to Patient
  • Manage Blood Donation
  • Blood Bank Reserve list
  • Generate Reports
  • Enlist Medicine Supply

Doctor Appointment Manager

  • Set Appointment from Receptionist
  • Appointment Confirmation/Denial
  • Appointment Scheduling in Doctors Panel
  • Appointment Scheduling in Patient Panel

Prescription & Diagnostic Report

  • Create Detailed Prescription
  • Add Clinical Reports
  • Patient Case History
  • Previous Patient History
  • Medication Management
  • Prescription Printing Facility

Patient Admission & Discharge

  • Add Patients for Treatment
  • Receive Payments from Patients
  • Discharge Patients
  • Manage Patient Information

Medicine Inventory

  • Add Medicine
  • Check Inventory
  • Update/Delete Inventory

Payroll Management

  • Generate Payroll for Employees
  • Define Employee Salary
  • Add Allowances and deductions
  • Generate/Print Payslip


  • Create Notice
  • Set the Notice Status
  • Provide Description of Notice
  • Employees Get Notified Instantly


Why Online System?


  • Work Everywhere In The World
  • No Big Servers
  • No Networking Cast
  • No I.T Team Cast
  • Unlimited Users
  • Cost Effective


  • Location Based Only
  • Servers Required
  • Huge Networking Cast
  • I.T Team Requird
  • Limited Users
  • Maintenance Cost

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